Steps on how to learn German

Steps on how to learn German – Learning German for beginners can be intimidating for most of them, don’t worry, because learning German is not that difficult. Yes, the dialect is completely different and there are more than a dozen ways to say “no.” However, many German words are similar to English words, take a look at these words are the same in both English and German.

Steps on how to learn German

In the following lines, we will explain the steps on how to learn German:

Steps on how to learn German
Steps on how to learn German

Use a highlighter and highlight something important

Marking passages that are important in learning texts makes sense. This will make you realize what is important and thus improve your memory performance. Repeating things already learned will be easier for you – it increases the fun factor.

Who isn’t happy with faster learning effects? But beware, because here is less is more! If you draw the whole German text, it was with faster learning effect.

Give your mind a breath

After the intensive learning phase of 40-50 minutes, Steps on how to learn German it is advisable to put everything aside and recharge your batteries. Don’t take a break as “wasted” time, because what you’ve learned so far must be processed before your mind can be filled with new information.

Go for a few minutes outdoors or open a window. This will provide your brain with oxygen and you can focus better again. Important: do not forget to drink while learning.

Watch movies and TV shows in German

Learn to watch at the same time? Yes this works. In the age of DVDs and VOD providers, movies and series can be used as a diverse educational medium.

First, check the language in which the shows are available, then look at your favorite series in German.

Enter the subtitle in your native language. Thus, the vocabulary wanders in your memory – and without it you have to make an extraordinary effort. The coolest thing is that you practice listening, understanding and even pronunciation, and you get to know the foreign language.

Listen to German radio and learn how to speak

Of course you need textbooks and intensive grammar units, but to train your listening skills you don’t have to sit at your desk all the time. It is important for your hearing to familiarize yourself with sound and pronunciation.

Whether cooking, on the way to university or sports: turn on the radio and get used to the German language. If you can’t find a German station on your radio show, Steps on how to learn German use Internet Radio.

Here you can find stations in almost all languages. Most of them are broadcast live and for free. If in the future you hear a German song that pleases you and makes you curious, Steps on how to learn German pay attention to what you already understand or what the song means.

Translate vocabulary or phrases you don’t know and try to make connections. As time goes by you will understand more and more songs or radio news and thus understand more about the country and culture.

Exchange with people who speak German

Do you have someone in your family or circle of friends who speaks German as their mother tongue? Then arrange meetings or start with the pen. If not, then take advantage of the benefits of social networking.

There you will certainly find some groups or forums that deal with German as a foreign language. Perhaps this will give you other great ways to improve your German language skills.

What you can definitely do is join these groups and become active as users. Ask questions or get helpful advice. The purpose of these groups is to exchange ideas with each other or help each other if one of them does not have a solution of their own.

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