Tips how to learn German

Tips How to Learn German Once you get past the German basics, you will need to become a professional and absorb German language and culture as much as you can from the comfort of your own home. This is especially true when you reach an average level.

The key to success is to be creative: Use every learning resource you have available to push yourself beyond the starting point. Here are two of my favorite language-learning tips for intermediate learners.

Tips how to learn German

In the following lines, we will explain tips on how to learn the German language:

Tips how to learn German
Tips how to learn German

Dive into German culture through TV or YouTube

Put your books away and turn on YouTube: home entertainment at its best You’ll find that plenty of German films have been nominated at international film festivals like the Golden Globes – so why not look for them and the classic German film Toni Erdmann? Or if you prefer sci-fi mysteries, why not try out Netflix’s first original German series, “Dark”?

Some people will tell you to watch movies and series with subtitles, and you may feel more comfortable at first. But once you reach a certain level, it can often lead to distraction, and you are more likely to end up focusing on reading rather than deciphering actual German.

So try to challenge yourself – try some scenes with subtitles in German, and then without. You may be surprised how much you understand.

Master German grammar with Busuu

Learn German with Busuu, it’s not just for beginners: it also has a lot for the intermediate level – especially when it comes to grammar.

For those who have tried to Tips How to Learn German before and are trying to pick up the test where they left off, Busuu’s placement test helps you find your language level, and decide which lesson to start with.

Once you do, you’ll find a lot of complex grammar in understandable parts and learn a lot of intermediate vocabulary for talking about politics, finance, Tips How to Learn German the environment or the holidays.

Free apps to teach you German

With these German language learning apps, you can take your language class with you and practice anywhere.


This app is designed to help you master new vocabulary with flashcards that you can work with at any time on your smartphone. You can create what interests you or choose from pre-made options arranged by theme. Anki can also be used to study German cultural and historical facts.


Another memorization based app, Memrise created by Grand Master of Memory Ed Cooke.

The program has a strong social component – you earn points as you learn, Tips How to Learn German you can compete with friends, and rate other user-generated lists. Memrise also includes thousands of programs, so once you’re done learning German, you can move on to another interesting topic.


Busuu is a social network designed for language learners that includes mobile training apps.

Features include practicing with native speakers in the network Tips How to Learn German Listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises. and regular feedback. It offers free and premium (paid) educational models.


No ads, no fees, and a quick and easy language course. It’s a program called Duolingo, and it’s a company with an innovative business concept that keeps it relevant, fun, and free.


This application allows users to practice by level (A1-C2), the textbook. It tracks your learning stats and includes 22,000 grammar and vocabulary exercises and over 800 hours of interactive online courses.

In the Forum, German teachers can answer questions and the entire course is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is intended for practice, but not as a main teaching tool.

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