Depression: Everything You Need To Know

Symptoms and Factors Leading to Depression

Depression and its symptoms can appear in a variety of ways, making it difficult to understand what someone is going through. The most common emotional symptoms are low mood and feelings of guilt, inadequacy, or hopelessness. Physical symptoms may include changes in appetite, trouble sleeping, lack of energy or motivation, aches or pains that do not go away with treatment, and frequent illnesses.

Some of the risk factors for depression are listed below:

-A history of depression in one’s family

-A history of abuse, neglect, or trauma

-Drug or alcohol abuse

-Anxiety disorders or panic attacks

-Major life changes such as divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, etc.

Depression is a mental illness that can be caused by various factors. It can be genetic, environmental, or a mixture of both. Genetics, environment, body image concerns, personality type, Depression: Everything You Need To Know and other factors can all be risk factors for depression. People who have depressed family members are more prone to suffer from depression.

Also, experiencing violence or abuse as a child, being sexually assaulted or raped as an adult, and living with someone who has depression are all environmental risks for depression. Furthermore, people who struggle with body image issues are more likely to experience depression than those who don’t.

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